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The Integrated Marketing Team: How to build, motivate and retain a great team of data-driven, customer-centric marketing mavens

Starts: 2:15 pm | Ends: 3:00 pm

The structure and function of the integrated marketing team of old has evolved rapidly in the past 10 years. There are new roles, new skills, new technologies and new desired outcomes and responsibility. It begs the questions:

  • What is the ideal structure for agile integrated marketing?
  • What are the important roles and skill sets required?
  • What are the new KPIs to measure this team’s success?
  • How can we help them become data-driven decision making customer-centric mavins?
  • How do you retain them and keep them motivated?
  • What are the development paths for the individuals and the team?

Building an agile, omni-channel, customer-centric marketing organization is not difficult, but it does require planning, patience and perspicuity of purpose (the marketing 4Ps revised!).

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Kevin Joyce
CMO and VP Revenue Marketing Strategy, Pedowitze Group