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The Secret Sauce for Account Based Marketing

Starts: 1:35 pm | Ends: 2:10 pm

You’ve heard the hype — Account Based Marketing is rapidly becoming the next big thing in B2B marketing. Now it’s time to move beyond the hype to learn HOW innovators are practicing ABM as well as WHAT works, and doesn’t.  In this session, we will present actual examples of how Engagio used proven ABM techniques to quickly go from 0 to 36% of pipeline and increase account engagement by 4X. Join us to learn how the experts orchestrate their programs across departments and channels for personalized, relevant touches that get results.

  • Takeaway 1 — Build a tiered ABM program with the right level of personalization for each type of account
  • Takeaway 2 — Implement a multi-channel prospecting play that orchestrates account-based advertising, social, direct mail, email, phone and
  • Takeaway 3 — Understand ABM benchmarks and measure the right success metrics

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